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The Provider

Mr Smith needed money, or so he believed

For his family deserved all the things that were fine

He had no time to play, or to breathe

(he had children to earn for, he worked all the time)

But it wasn’t enough and he wouldn’t cut back

Said he’d take them to Europe which he couldn’t afford

So he snuck off one evening, told them to pack

And he sold off his kidney to pay for their board

Mr Smith thought it right so he worked more and more

To buy all these things, to support and provide,

For a family who sighed as he walked out the door

Who wished they could see him, and who sat down and cried

Mr Smith saw their sadness, so cut off his feet

And sold them to finance a new washer dryer

And he took on more work, to buy them more treats

He was sure they would want and so more were required

Mr Smith worked all day and all night and more shifts

And he craftily sold body parts on the side

Sure that no one would notice, after all he gave gifts

And that was his purpose, (his role) to provide

But his family grew tired of waiting at home

For a dad and a husband that they never saw

So they left for a life with a man called Jerome

Who made time for them all, although he was poor

Desperate for cash to impress them, Smith chose

To sell of his eyes and his tongue and his hair

And just for good measure he sold off his nose

To a Tycoon from China who needed a spare

Mr Smith used the money he had earned to supply

Luxury items that were so sure to please

But they wouldn’t come back and he didn’t know why

And then it just hit him and he fell to his knees

Only now did he realise, love was the key

And the lesson for him was so painful to learn

That he should have just loved them, and let money be

But his family was gone and would never return

So he tore out his heart, from his world-weary chest

And he sold it off cheap to a man from Peru

But it soon got sent back, with a refund request

Saying “cannot be used, heart is broke


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